Perfecta Ekpo is A multi-talented lady from Akwa Ibom state,the southern region of Nigeria,she is a vibrant singer, dancer, choreographer,a drummer and an actress of the African decent, A theater Art graduate from The University of Calabar, A Queens New York resident, Perfecta has many miles on her singing and dancing feet ,from Africa to America.She is currently pursuing a Post-Graduate Course at the New York University. 
The recent upheavals in Nigeria, Boko Haram and the upcoming election tussle has compelled Perfecta to inspire the people of Nigeria to be hopeful in a better Nigeria with the release of a brilliant new song title “HOPE FOR NIGERIA” . Hope for Nigeria is an inspirational song that speaks to every Nigerian with an optimistic tone of change and tends to restore the faith we have in this country. She teams up with the prolific Music Producer Young D and featured him also on the amazing single.